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DIY Vs Professional Auto Glass Replacement Service: Difference Explained

One of your car’s main safety elements is the windscreen. It shields both the driver and the passengers from the elements, such as wind, rain, and hail, as well as road hazards like gravel, stones, and other material that other cars may kick up. To drive safely and avoid any road dangers, your windscreen should ideally provide you with an unimpeded view of the road. Driving might be uncomfortable or dangerous if your windscreen has problems. Whether choosing a DIY project or booking a professional service, there are a few factors to take into account when it comes to auto glass replacement and repair.

 You may have spotted a DIY kit for windscreen repair in your local hardware shop and questioned whether you could fix your windscreen yourself to save time and money. You might be able to fix a glass chip at home using a windscreen repair kit if the windscreen has a chip or a little spider fracture. If you allow it to become a crack, you should consider hiring a professional to fix the damage rather than doing it yourself.

A Professional Can Determine Whether Repair Is A Good Option

First off, while it is true that vehicle glass may often be restored, this is not always the case. It’s not only about the size of the alleged chip or fracture, but this is an important consideration. An untrained individual will not always be able to determine if a repair is a good option because everything from the magnitude of the flaw to its precise location affects whether or not it is. But, if you take your car to an expert rather than attempt replacing auto glass yourself, they will examine your car first to determine this. Then, if they decide it’s a good idea, they will only go ahead and fix your vehicle glass.

It May Be A One Time Opportunity

One of those life situations where you might not have a second chance is replacing your windscreen! If you goof up on the first attempt, there is no going back; your only option is to prepare for a pricey windscreen repair, which doesn’t seem all that comfortable, does it? You will save a lot of time and money if you have a specialist examine and fix commercial auto glass replacement on your automobile.

Cost Effectiveness

Are DIY windscreen repair kits more affordable than a reputable car glass shop? Yes. But keep in mind that if you lack the essential skills to complete this work, you run the danger of performing the repair wrong and making the issue worse, which will result in making more expenses in the future.

Can Cause Further Damage

Without the necessary expertise and abilities, you risk not fully cleaning the glass, using excessive pressure, or applying the resin in the wrong place, all of which contribute to a chip or fracture that keeps spreading. Also, you won’t be able to get the windscreen fixed by a professional in the future if you’ve tried to cover up the damage with your resin materials. Up next? replacing the windscreen entirely.


Another factor that makes professional vehicle glass repair a preferable option is experience. For correct auto glass replacement, years of training may be required. How will you determine, for instance, if the resin has been injected sufficiently deep or if there is an air bubble in it? Although it may not seem tough, properly restoring windscreens might need years of expertise.


An individual interested in a DIY windscreen repair kit typically does not have full insurance protection. They would be responsible for covering the expense of the repair. They are thinking of doing it themselves to save a few of their hard-earned cash as a result. Unfortunately, utilising a repair kit has a lot of drawbacks.

Improper Kit Use Is Likely

Although the instructions included in DIY repair kits may appear rather simple, they are frequently followed wrong simply because most people have no prior experience fixing vehicle glass. If you end up misusing one of these kits, your windscreen may sustain further damage as a result of the botched crack or chip repair. Also, if a repair procedure goes wrong in the winter due to freezing conditions, the crack or chip may become much larger than it already is. In the end, you could require a full windscreen replacement rather than a straightforward, efficient, and affordable professional windscreen repair.

Limited Equipment

It’s possible that, unless you’ve worked as an auto mechanic in the past, you lack some of the necessary equipment to successfully replace your windscreen. The necessary instruments to replace a windscreen are provided to personnel at auto glass repair establishments. Without the right tools, you’ll either need to buy new ones or try to finish the work with the equipment you already have. When replacing a windscreen without the required instruments, consider the heart surgery comparison from earlier and consider if you would be comfortable with a surgeon operating on you without the necessary equipment.

Your Auto Insurance Provider Will Not Pay For The DIY Kit

If you have windscreen insurance, it will only pay for repairs that are made by a qualified car glass technician. If the resin or glue is misused, they might not be able to guarantee the product’s quality. This may cause your car’s windscreen to sustain more harm in the future.

What To Consider When Choosing Between A Professional And DIY Windscreen Repair

Be careful to account for the time it will take you to read the directions or watch the instructional videos so you can apply the DIY repair kit properly.

  • The rock chip may ultimately begin to shatter if you used a DIY windscreen repair kit but the affected area did not fill.
  • Whether you choose to take the chance or bring your car to a professional who can ensure the repair is done correctly will determine if fixing a windscreen yourself will be a good investment.