Damaged Car Windshield

Factors That Spread Windshield Damage

Windshields are frequently splintered, chipped, or cracked as a result of rocks and other tiny items striking them. Windshield damage, whether it’s a little chip or a huge crack, should be addressed seriously. Unfortunately, most drivers are prone to ignore it, especially if it isn’t obstructing their vision while driving.

You should be aware, however, that even the tiniest cracks or chips may swiftly spread. As a result, new safety risks will emerge, putting you in danger every time you get into your car. When this occurs, regardless of the reason, substantial safety concerns exist, as well as solutions that can immediately resolve the condition.

Top Factors That Influence The Windshield Damage

A variety of conditions can cause even a little chip to spread quickly, and if the damage becomes too extensive, it may no longer be repairable. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical causes of auto glass damage that worsens fast.

1. Exposure To Direct Sunlight

Allowing your vehicle to sit in direct sunlight if you regularly park it outside might cause current windshield damage to spread. When exposed to direct sunshine, the glass may quickly heat up, and as it does, the glass will progressively expand. As the glass expands, the chip or break is almost certain to follow.

If you can’t get a windshield repair appointment soon away, park your car in a covered location or somewhere that isn’t in direct sunlight. Contact an expert to learn more about the auto glass replacement in San Antonio.

2. Extreme Temperatures

Whether it’s scorching summer, a freezing winter, or just a strong heater/air conditioner, any or all of these variables might cause your windshield to crack. The temperature differential between the inside and outside of your automobile can put a lot of strain on your cracked windshield, causing it to worsen.

If the windshield glass is hit, this absorbs most of the impact, keeping it from breaking. In the United States, laminated glass is required, while all other automobile windows are made of tempered glass, which shatters into multiple fragments.

3. Intrusion of Moisture

Every windshield is made of laminated glass, which consists of two layers of glass sandwiched together by a very thin layer of poly-vinyl-butyral. Because a windshield has numerous layers, when one of them cracks, the glass damage becomes more prone to moisture entry. When moisture gets into a chip or fracture and between the layers of glass, it can accelerate the progression of existing damage in certain situations.

If the temperature drops below freezing, the moisture inside the crack will solidify and grow. When that happens, the crack will be forced to widen. That’s why it’s critical to react to windshield repair as soon as possible, especially during the winter months when temperatures might change dramatically.

4. Dirt

Dirt, like moisture, may find its way into the inner workings of your windshield, weakening it. Consider placing a piece of transparent tape over the damage to keep it safe until it can be fixed. While the tape will not impair your eyesight while driving, it will shield the crack from dirt and other airborne particles. Just don’t use the tape as an excuse to put off fixing the problem!

5. Bad Weather

Windshield damage is extremely widespread due to the country’s ever-changing weather. Tree branches and other debris driven by severe winds, as well as heavy hailstones, can cause the same sort of damage as stones. If you have a garage or other covered parking spot, it may be a good idea to utilize it instead of the roadways during inclement weather.

6. Low-Quality Glass

Cheap windshield glass and low-quality are more likely to have manufacturing flaws than glass that is high-quality. Small weak regions can evolve into major fractures over time, even if the problems are not immediately obvious.

Work with a specialist that employs durable and dependable windshields from a reputable manufacturer when you need a new car window replacement in Houston. While higher-quality windshields are slightly more expensive, they are less likely to need replacement in the future.

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