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Your vehicle should be in great condition anytime you are ready to drive. Unfortunately, plenty can happen that could damage your windshield or one of the other windows in your vehicle. At Area Wide Auto Glass, we know how frustrating dealing with a broken window can be. We can help you get the window replaced fast.

If you have a broken window on your vehicle, call us at +1(281) 509-9197 to get help right away.

Windshields and the door or back glass can suffer from cracks or can completely shatter, depending on what caused it to break. Even a crack will mean the window or windshield needs to be replaced since the integrity of the window is compromised and the crack is only going to grow larger with time. We make having your window or windshield replaced as easy as possible so you have nothing to worry about if you need help fast.

Why You Need Fast Help

Windows protect not only the items inside the vehicle but the people inside as well. Broken windows mean it’s possible for more serious injuries in an accident as the windshield or other windows may not stay in one piece during the accident. A broken window also means it’s easier for thieves to get into the vehicle and steal anything inside. Any window that is shattered can lead to water damage in the vehicle if it rains before the window is replaced.

Replacing a Windshield

Replacing a windshield is a process that needs to be done properly. The correct high-quality adhesives must be used to ensure the windshield is held in place. We can remove your old windshield, remove any small pieces of glass from the break, install a new windshield, and then make sure everything is clean so your car is ready to drive. We’ll come to you for the windshield replacement and will be able to have it done in less than an hour so you don’t have to wait long.

Replacing the Back Window

The back window can be broken in an accident, if something hits it, or if something falls on the vehicle. If your back window is damaged, you’ll want us to have it replaced fast so you don’t have to worry about being able to see when you need to back up. We can come to you and not only replace the back window, but make sure all electrical components are reconnected properly so they are functional again. Like a windshield replacement, this can be done in under an hour. Let us help you get back on the road for any and all of your auto glass replacement needs at Area Wide Auto Glass Houston, TX Call +1(281) 509-9197 for a Free Quote.

Replacing Other Windows

Other windows on your vehicle can be broken due to something hitting them, the mechanism failing and the window dropping or because of theft. When a window is broken, you need to have it fixed fast to keep the elements out and to prevent theft. We can come to you and have the window replaced in under an hour. We will make sure all broken glass inside your car is cleaned, including any glass inside the door panel. We’ll then install the new window and ensure it works properly for you.

What to Do in Houston

Home to around 2.3 million people, Houston is a huge area that offers plenty for you to do. We can come to fix your windshield or another window while you’re at home or while you’re working. If you’d like something to do while you wait, there are plenty of options for you to look into.

For a day of fun, check out the Museum of Natural Science, the Space Center, or the Downtown Aquarium. If you have kids, make sure you consider the Children’s Museum, Fast Track Amusements, or the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Many of the attractions in Houston are perfect for spending the day having some fun while you wait for your vehicle to be fixed. Though we can fix it in an hour, you can take as long as you want to have some fun before your car is repaired.

Your vehicle’s windows need to be in working order whenever you drive. If something has happened and you have a broken window or windshield, contact us today for help. We’ll come to you so it’s easy for you to have your windshield or windows replaced and you won’t have to worry about taking the day off work. We can have the window replaced in as little as an hour, so your vehicle will be ready to drive as soon as you have somewhere you need to be.

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