Know The Risks Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield

Know The Risks Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield

Your car’s windshield serves as an essential support structure, which helps to protect the driver from the wind and debris that speeds developed on streets and roads provide. Much of the structural strength of vehicles is linked to auto glass. They play an important role in maintaining your car so that it is safe to drive. You can seek help from a company that does auto glass replacement in San Antonio.

The material applied to the windshield is laminated glass. It is considered a safety glass because it is ten times more resistant than tempered glass, and, in case of breakage, it does not shatter. 

It is because laminated glass is formed by two sheets of glass, interspersed with a layer of PVB, a film, which makes the material more resistant and retains the pieces of glass in case of breakage.

Although the laminated glass of the windshield is a resistant and safe material, we should replace the auto glass at the slightest sign of damage as soon as possible as even a small latch poses a risk to the driver’s safety, in addition to being subject to fines and vehicle seizure.

The Risks

Even if there’s a minor scratch and it does not impede your vision, leaving the car with a cracked windshield drastically reduces wind resistance, in addition to the high probability of shattering it, compromising the safety of all vehicle occupants. 

If the windshield strength is damaged, driving on roads can be a very dangerous task as the windshield withstands the vibrations and torsions by the car when traveling on the streets. A cracked windshield can block part of your view as you drive, especially if you’re on the driver’s side of the car. 

Cracks on the passenger side can also cause visual field problems for pedestrians, cars, and other potential hazards. In addition, a small latch in the window can enlarge and cause serious damage, directly compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity.

A windshield is a place in the car that must be free of scratches, cracks, or cracks that impair the driver’s vision. Persisting in traffic with cracked glass can lead to serious problems during daily traffic or even when taking highways and roads.
Do not compromise your safety and that of other passengers in the vehicle. When you notice any cracks, cracks, or splinters in your windshield, count on Area Wide Auto Glass for auto glass repair in San Antonio. So, bet on our genuine auto glass services and drive safely on the road.