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A matter of safety – Why you need pay attention to your windshield replacement.

A vehicle tends to be more than a means of transportation. For most vehicle owners, it is a highly prized asset that represents a considerable portion of finances. For others, it can be a significant source of both, functionality and distraction, as it provides much-needed transportation and a nice hobby for those who enjoy the experience of driving. Your vehicle can even be your primary source of income now that services like Uber are overtaking the transportation landscape.

Regardless of the reason, most of us tend to view our vehicle as an essential part of our lives. If you are a vehicle owner, you probably spend a good chunk of each day driving around in it.

That’s why we spend a lot of time, effort, and care on making sure these machines are in tip-top shape, ensuring its ease of use whenever we need to. However, when you think of vehicle maintenance, your mind probably tends to go to more common things like tire rotation, oil changes, etc.

However, in my 25+ years of experience working on and repairing cars, there’s a single piece of work that I see most go ignored and neglected as far as car maintenance goes, and that is windshield and auto glass replacement. Call us now to get your questions answered about your windshield replacement or any auto glass replacement needs at +1(281) 763-2190.

As far as I can tell, most vehicle owners are unaware of the risks and problems a damaged or cracked windshield puts them on, and the inconveniences it can bring when you least expect it. So, I thought it would be useful to share with you a handful of reasons why you need to take care of your cracked windshields the moment the piece gets compromised.

Three reasons to take care and get your cracked windshield replaced ASAP!

A cracked windshield is a constant distraction:

We’ve all probably heard the statistics about distractions (texting, emailing) while driving, and its comparably worse effects on driver response while drunk. Having a visible crack in your windshield is in and of itself, a constant distraction as you drive.

Most chips occur either in the center or to the sides of your windshield, which are precisely spots you need to keep constantly looking to follow the road properly. “I hadn’t noticed how much the damn thing bothered me while driving” is a sentiment every customer I’ve done some windshield replacement work for invariably tells me later. So for all your auto glass replacement needs in Pearland, TX call now: Area Wide Auto Glass at +1(281) 763-2190 we will serve You with quality workmanship and convenience as our priority.

A cracked windshield is a safety hazard:

Windshields do much more than keep the air away from your face. In reality, a windshield is an integral component in vehicle and collision safety. When the piece is set correctly and glued to its place, provides structural support for the car, and a barrier for shrapnel and other high-velocity fragments that are so common during an accident.

When the whole piece is intact, this piece of safety glass is designed to collapse upon itself and provide shock absorption, a feature that is lost the moment its integrity gets compromised by a crack or a break. When installed improperly, a windshield could even be the reason for a car roof to collide. And don’t get me started on rollover accidents! Windshield replacement is vital for you and your vehicle occupant’s safety.

A cracked windshield is a police magnet:

Having a flawless, properly working windshield is so important that is a constant source of police pullovers. A cracked windshield not only suggest that something not right happened to your vehicle, but it also lets the officer know that driving around in it is a major risk for its occupants.

It is not uncommon in many states to fine and write tickets to drivers whose car has a damaged windshield, and this especially gets people while driving across states from a place that doesn’t have such restrictions to one that does.

There are many smaller chips and dings in the body of a windshield that according to placement, depth, and extent, might require an entire replacement and should be replaced by a competent, reliable auto glass shop. Once that chip goes beyond the depth or width of a credit card, you are looking at awindshield replacement for sure at that point.

Driving around with a damaged windshield does nothing more than putting you and your passengers at risk, so make sure to take care of it as soon as you can, it will be money well spent. Call now: Area Wide Auto GlassPearland, TX +1(281) 763-2190 so we can come to you and replace your cracked windshield before you get back out on the road.

Sites and sounds of Pearland, TX

With a brand new windshield you’ll know you and your family are safe as you take a tour of our wonderful city. Pearland is a booming Houston suburb and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With its fruit-inspired name, you might think it was nothing more than an “agricultural Eden,” but with a fast-growing population of over 100,000 people, there are always great things to see and do in the area. Start with Art and History at The Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad Depot– Learn about the history of the railroads in the area and how they were used at the Railroad Depot. Also check out the The Pear Scape Art Cultural Trail and don’t miss the 1940 Air Terminal Museum next to Hobby Airport. For dining and shopping make sure to visit the Pearland Town Center. For outdoor activities we have so many awesome parks including Tom Bass Regional Park, Southdown Park, Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail, and Zychlinski Park that was named after the founder of our city.

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