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Though windshields and windows are designed to hold up to a lot, they can become cracked or broken. If you’ve discovered you have a crack in your windshield or you have a broken window, get help from a highly trained technician to have it replaced right away. At Area Wide Auto Glass, we can have your windshield or window replaced in less than an hour so you can get back to what you were doing.

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We want to make sure you’re safe anytime you need to drive and that you have access to replacement services for your windows so you can have them replaced right away. We’re ready to handle your window or windshield replacement today.

Fast Windshield Replacements

Windshields are actually an integral safety feature for your vehicle. Imagine if you didn’t have a windshield. Anything tossed up in the road while you’re driving could potentially hit you. Rain would get into your vehicle. When your windshield is cracked, it needs to be replaced fast. A crack in a windshield will get larger over time because of the stress on the windshield. Our highly trained technicians can come to you and have the windshield replaced in less than 60 minutes. We only use the highest quality materials, so you can be sure the replacement will be done right.

Window Replacements for Your Vehicle

A shattered window can let in the rain, make it easier for thieves to get into your vehicle, or can lead to other issues while you’re driving. If you try to cover the window to keep the rain out, you won’t be able to see out the window and could get in an accident. Instead, have your window replaced so it works properly to protect you and your vehicle. Our technicians can replace your window, make sure it works properly, and clean up the glass inside your vehicle. We’ll make sure the replacement is done as fast as possible for you and that your window is ready to be used again. For all your auto glass replacment needs call us today Area Wide Auto Glass San Antonio, TX at +1(210) 441-6434.

Replacements for the Back Window

A back window that’s shattered can lead to the same issue as other windows that break. If your back window is broken, it’s important to have it fixed quickly so you can see to safely back out of your driveway or a parking spot. When our technicians replace your back window, we’ll also replace any electrical components. This way, your replacement window will function exactly like your original window did. This is another job we can do at your location and can also be done in less than an hour so your vehicle is ready to drive again as soon as possible.

When to Get Help for a Windshield or Window

It’s often tempting to hold off on any vehicle repair as long as the vehicle can still be driven. Windshield and window replacements, however, really shouldn’t wait. We recommend having the replacement done as fast as possible so you can drive safely and so you’re safer when you’re on the road. We can come to you, so there’s no need to take off work for the day to have the replacement done. We also make sure it’s done fast, so you can have it done and be ready to drive home when you get done at work.

What to Do in San Antonio, TX

Home to the Alamo, San Antonio, TX is also home to around 1.5 million people. If you need to have a window or windshield replaced, there’s plenty to do in the city while you wait. If you’ve already visited the Alamo, check out the San Antonio Missions to learn more about the rich history of the area. Want something to do with the kids? Check out the Natural Bridge Caverns, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch or the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. If you’re looking for something fun to do, check out Extreme Escape Colonnade or iFly to try out indoor skydiving.

You use your vehicle daily, whether it’s to see the sites in San Antonio, TX or to get to work and buy groceries. Don’t hold off on replacing your windshield or window because you think you don’t have the time to get it done today. Instead, contact us and learn more about how we can make sure your window is replaced as fast as possible. We offer highly trained technicians, we can come to your location, and we can make sure the replacement is done right so you just worry about where you’re going to go next.

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