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Sugar Land windshield Replacement

Quality Windshield Replacement in Sugar Land! Fast and Easy service Done Right


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When your auto glass is damaged, you need to fix it fast. You don’t want to wait and risk further damage to your vehicle or more serious injuries if you’re in an accident. At Area Wide Auto Glass Installation, we understand how important it is for you to have a vehicle that’s ready to drive when you have somewhere to be. We can replace your glass so your car is ready for wherever you want to go.

If you have a damaged windshield or your car door glass got shattered and you need a replacement, give us a call at +1(281) 751-6701 right now. 

Windshield Replacement for Your Vehicle

Windshields are designed to protect you from anything in the road and are designed to resist breaking if you’re in an accident. When your glass is cracked, even if it seems like a very small crack, the windshield is compromised and can’t work as intended,that is when you need a windshield repairs. You’ll want to have your glass fixed quickly and properly to ensure you are safe every time you need to drive somewhere.

We can come to you and replace your windshield or do windshield repair services quickly. We start by carefully removing the damaged glass. Then, we’ll use high-quality adhesives to make sure the new windshield is installed properly and you will not have any issues while you’re driving. Once the new glass is installed, we’ll make sure it’s cleaned so you’re ready to drive. The entire process takes under 60 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long to head out. 

Window Replacement Services

The other windows in your vehicle are designed to resist breaking and to keep you and your belongings safe when you’re on the road. However, theft, damage from objects hitting the window, or other issues can cause a window to be broken. If your window is broken, you’ll need to deal with the pieces of glass and make sure it’s replaced fast so you can use it as designed once again.

We’ll be able to come to you to replace any of the windows on your vehicle. We start by cleaning up the broken glass for you. Once we open the door panel, we’ll clean any glass that fell inside. We’ll then replace the window, replace the door panel, and make sure the window opens and closes properly. Just like the windshield replacement services we offer, window replacements can be done in under 60 minutes so you can be on the road again right away. So for all your auto glass replacement needs call us 

Area Wide Auto Glass Service Providers Sugar Land

+1(281) 751-6701

Why You Should Call Us for Help

Waiting to replace a damaged or broken windshield or window is never advised. The damage could become worse while you’re driving. Thieves can enter your vehicle easier to steal your belongings or rain can get inside, damaging the internal components of your vehicle and any belongings left inside it. If you try to cover the window until you can have it fixed, you’ll find it’s difficult to see out the window when you’re driving. We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a broken windshield or window. We’ll go to your location as fast as possible and fix it for you so you can drive without worry. 

Things to Do in Sugar land, Texas

Just outside Houston in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, TX is home to around 78,000 people. If you’re looking for something to do while you wait for your window or windshield to be replaced, the city offers plenty of possibilities. Take some time to check out the shopping in Sugar Land Town Square or check out some of the free parks like Oyster Creek Park or Sugar Land Memorial Park. 

If you have kids, don’t miss the chance to visit the Children’s Discovery Center or stop by the Houston Museum of Natural Science at SugarLand. If you need a windshield replacement on a Saturday, have it done while you shop at the Farmer’s Market at Imperial so you can have fun shopping and look forward to a fixed vehicle when you’re done.

Your vehicle needs to be in great shape whenever you want to drive it. If you have a cracked windshield or a broken window, we can help you get it fixed fast. We offer windshield replacement and window replacement services and we can come to your location to get everything done. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or set up a time to have your window replaced. We can make sure your vehicle is ready to drive as fast as possible for you.

Why Use Our Car Window Replacement Services?


Quality guaranteed! All our work comes with a Lifetime Warranty & performed by quality professionals.


We conveniently come to you at your home or work! We also offer FREE Mobile Autoglass Replacement Service.

Insurer Preferred

We are approved by every major insurance company. We conveniently take care of all insurance billing procedures and paperwork so you don’t have to spend time talking to insurance companies.

Certified Professionals

Our technicians are some of the most experienced, trained & certified in all of Texas.

Vehicle Value

Factory OEM quality replacement parts and auto glass preserves vehicle value.

We Save Your Stickers

We save your EZ Toll Tags, License and Inspection Stickers from your previous car glass.


We have provided quality service for thousands of customers and have hundreds of customer reviews!

Customer service is our priority.

I called on a Monday morning and Joe set me up for appointment in the afternoon. The installer arrived as expected to my house on time and ready to get to work 45 minutes later my new windshield was installed including transferring my toll tag and inspection sticker. The price was cheaper than expected, perfect new windshield, installed quickly and professionally, area cleaned up and cleaned inside and out. Great experience and a great company.
If you need glass replaced. Don’t pass these guys up.

Kevin C.

We were out of town, called Area Wide Auto Glass. They met us at a Best Buy parking lot and took care of our car. Techs were professional and courteous. They were done in 30 minutes! Price was fair, highly recommended.

Tim B.
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